I am a smoothie lover. Smoothie is not known in the place where I live. The reason why I try to give some recipes for a smoothie is pure sharing. Also, I want to make recipes unforgettable. It’s not saying, it’s just writing.

I was a long-term licensed sportsman in my student life and always considering healthy products to consume. When I punched into the work life, everything gets messy and I couldn’t figure to arrive everywhere, therefore I need time schedule. This is how I met with the smoothie. I make smoothies for my friend, guests, their kids. Also, making breakfast, lunch or dinner with the smoothie is my favorite action. Also, after the gym, to control the blood sugar and strengthening the muscles, I use smoothies. It is easy and tasty. I hope you will love them! If you have questions or pieces of advice, please write me via Contact Us button on the site.