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Banana & Date Smoothie For Energy Recipe

Energy Bomb! Smoothie for energy

energetic smoothie recipe
smoothie for energy

The Date Smoothie! A fruit that strengthens and memory, antioxidant ingredient, a control button for diabetes, strengthen liver and lots of benefits to say more. We did put it into the smoothie for energy since its nutrition values. We enflaouver it with oat, crushed walnut, banana, and milk.  With its unsaturated oil, protein, and minerals, this energetic smoothie is going to be your favorite!

It’s a good new for dessert or sugar lovers! This smoothie for energy tastes like a dessert. It will fil lup your energy bar and you are going to feel the energy.

how many people can drink smoothie
How many people can drink this energetic smoothie;

1 person

how many minutes require to make a smoothie
How many minutes require to make an energetic smoothie;

10 minutes

Ingredients of smoothie

Ingredients of smoothie for energy:

  • 200 ml. Low-fat milk
  • 1/2 adet banana 60 gr.
  • 3 pieces of date
  • 2 pieces of walnut
  • 10 gram oat bran


We recommend that the smoothie should be consumed coldly immediately. If you want you can freze the fruits in refrigirator or you can add some ice while mixing with the smoothie blender.

How to make the smoothie?
How to make the smoothie


  1. Slices the dates into cubes after getting the seeds out.
  2. Slice in to pieces banana and break the walnust into little pieces.
  3. Throw the low fat milk, oat bran, banana, date and all walnut pieces into blender.
  4. Grind all the materials since they become intense and after it is ready, service it immediately.


extra information about smoothie

Extra Information about calories of smoothie

Put some ices into a blender before mixing all. Be careful about that ice should be prepared with potable water.

Banana and Date smoothie has around 300 calories in a 250 ml big water glass. You can take your daily fibre need of %15. Also, %35 of B6 vitamin, %40 phosphor, and %27 calcium can be taken toward this recipe.

If you are in rush between home, work and don’t have time for the gym, you can take this smoothie before going the gym for energy. The milk, banana, and date include protein and it helps every sportsmen or women for gaining muscle. We do not recommend that recipe for who want to lose weight.

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