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Forest Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Metabolism enhancer and digestion facilitator Forest Fruit recipe

forest fruits in smoothie
forest fruit smoothie recipe

Forest fruits smoothie strengthens immune system and also help the circulating system of human body with the beneficial bacterias and the kefir inside. Red fruits give toughness to people with the high content of fibre. With this Forest Fruit Smoothie Recipe you will have comfortable digestive days. Also, the taste is so good.

Forest Fruit Smoothie Recipe

how many people can drink smoothie
How many people can drink smoothie

1 person

how many minutes require to make a smoothie
How many minutes require to make a smoothie

10 minutes

Ingredients of smoothie
Ingredients of smoothie

• 200 ml. half fat kefir
• 4 adet mid-size strawberry
• 50 grams of bilberry
• 50 grams raspberry
• 50 grams of blackberry
• 10 grams fresh ginger
• 6 leaves of fresh mint

How to make the smoothie?
How to make the smoothie

1. Wash clearly strawberry, blackberry, bilberry and raspberry and dry them in salad drier.
2. Peel the shells of ginger and chop them into little pieces.
3. After cleaning the strawberries divide them into 4 parts.
4. Put all half fat kefir, bilberry, blackberries, strawberry pieces and raspberries to blender cap. Be sure every ingredient should be in the cap.
5. Grind all ingredients until they become shaggy. After grinding, drink the low calorie and healthy smoothie immediately.

Please, consume this smoothie cold. You can freeze the ingredient or you can add some ices on the blender, as you wish.

extra information about smoothie
Extra information about smoothie

You can add some ices to adjust viscosity.
This forest fruit smoothie is 180 calorie in total. It may not be meal but since it eases the digestion since it has kefir. It corresponds the daily needs of 70% of C vitamin, 35% fibre and %70 of calcium.

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