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Green Smoothie for Weight Loss : Apple Smoothie Recipe

Apple smoothie for weight loss, hearth healt and diabetes

apple smoothie for weight loss, hearth healt and diabetes
apple smoothie for weight loss, hearth healt and diabetes

Smoothie is a healthy beverage that is easy and fast to make. You can make your smoothie with every fruit and vegetable you find in the market and you can densify your smoothie with honey, yogurt, oat, flax seed, almond, etc., and soften the density of your smoothie with juices, milk, almond milk, coconut milk, green tea. You can consume your daily needs from fruits and vegetables and enter a healthy week with a smoothie. Today, we are going to make apple smoothie.

how many people have smoothie
How many people can drink apple smoothie;

1 person

how many minutes require to make a smoothie
How many minutes require to make apple smoothie;

10 minutes

Ingredients of smoothie
Ingredients of smoothie;


• 1,5 water glass milk( lactose or lactose-free)

• 1 piece of mid-scale red apple

• 1 tablespoon of yogurt

• 1/2 glass almond kernel

• 1/4 dessertspoon of cinnamon

• 1 dessertspoon of honey

How to make the smoothie?
How to make the apple smoothie


1. Wash the apple and divide into 4 parts. Pull the seeds of the apple and peel the apple skin.
2. Put the cold milk into blender.
3. Add the yogurt, slices of apple, almond kernel, honey and cinnamon into blender.
4. Mix all the ingredients in the blender thill the mix becoming puree. After it is becoming puree, please serve it cold.

Service Proposal

If you wish, you can add some cinnamon to the apple smoothie or oat or flax seed.

extra information about smoothie
Extra information about smoothie

Benefits of an apple smoothie

Apple smoothie has positive effects towards your neural system of your body. If an apple consumed regularly, the risk of being Alzheimer and Parkinson gets lowered.

An apple a day will configure your blood sugar since it has antioxidant named “polyphenol”.

Consuming an apple a day will reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and the disease of coronary disease cause by oil oxidation.

Nutrition values of an apple
1 medium size apple (+- 180 gr, with its shell)

95 calories
19 gr sugar
159 ml water
16.4 mg omega 3 fatty acid
78.3 mg omega 6 fatty acid
4 gr nutritional fiber
0.5 gr protein
98.3 IU vitamin A
8.4 mg vitamin C
0.3 mg vitamin E
4.0 mcg vitamin K
0.1 mg vitamin B6
0.2 mg niacin
5.5 mcg folate
10.9 mg calcium
0.2 mg iron
9.1 mg magnesium
20 mg phosphor
195 mg potassium
0.1 mg manganese
and a low amount of thiamin, riboflavin, copper.

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