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Green-tea Blackberry Smoothie Recipe

Kafein is good. Green-tea smoothie is the best.

blackberry green tea smoothie recipe
green tea blackberry smoothie recipe for who want to lose wight

Green-tea Blackberry Smoothie Recipe

I can not drink green tea alone, since it tastes bad for me. Therefore, I prefer green tea flouvered lemonade or blackberry smoothie. At first, I didn’t think it will good but, it is much more than expected. With this green tea blackberry smoothie, you are going to love green tea. Also, as a metabolism accelerator, green tea is the perfect choice. It also eases the digestion system of human body. You can burn fat and lose weight with that Green-tea Blackberry Smoothie Recipe.

how many people can drink smoothie
How many people can drink the Green-tea Blackberry Smoothie?

3 people

how many minutes require to make a smoothie
How many minutes required to make Green-tea Blackberry Smoothie?

10 minutes

Ingredients of smoothie
Ingredients of Green-tea Blackberry Smoothie;

• 1 dessertspoon green-tea
• 1 water glass hot water
• 100 grams frozen blackberry
• 1 banana
• 2 rolls of blackberry ice-cream
• 1 roll of vanillin ice-cream
• 5 cubes of ice

How to make the smoothie?
How to make the smoothie?

1. Brew the green tea with tea ball and right after brewing, keep it near for cooling.
2. Chop bananas into little cubes.
3. Grind frozen blackberry with the help of the blender. Take banana cubes, cold green tea and the blackberry, vanillin ice-cream into the smoothie blender.
4. At the last part put the ices into blender cup and grind till they break.
5. Blackberry green tea smoothie is ready. Share it with the people you love.

If you can find blackberry or white mulberry on the market( of course it should be in season) you could replace ice-cream with the real fruits. And if you want to good quality breakfast, green tea smoothie is so good with fruit muesli. It is very satisfying.

extra information about smoothie
Extra information about smoothie (calorie calculation, nutrition values, etc…)

The total calorie of the green tea blackberry smoothie:210 calories per person.

Green-tea Blackberry Smoothie Recipe enables your metabolism to work faster. As many people know, green tea is a metabolism enhancer and it helps the digestion system of human body.

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