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Smoothie 101 – Introduction to Ultimate Healthy Drinks Guide

Ultimate Guide for smoothie. Everything you wonder about the smoothie. What, how to make and many questions are answered below.

Smoothie 101 - Introduction to Ultimate Healthy Drinks Guide 1


What is “Smoothie”?

Smoothie is a word derived from the English word “smooth”. It also means a cheerful and two-faced person in English. Since the 1900s, it has started to be consumed in tropical regions such as Brazil and Argentina and spread to the world in a short time. Smoothies are cold drinks containing fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and oilseeds having a consistency between liquid and intense.

Today, the smoothie is a healthy drink as a trend. They are easy to prepare and practical, but there are cons as well. In this article, we will try to explain the good side of the smoothie, its bad sides, and all the details. But first of all, we need to say: We don’t want you to think of it as a drink that needs to be consumed in order to lose weight or eat healthily. Because each individual’s metabolism, blood sugar, etc. values are different. Diabetes patients are advised to consult with their doctor when preparing smoothies.

Smoothie description
what is smoothie?

What Should be Considered When Drinking Smoothie?

Smoothies may contribute to your daily intake of vitamins and minerals with the fruits and vegetables they contain, but they may cause extra calories without notice. You may have taken more than 1 cup of vegetables and fruits over your daily needs. Also because it is liquid, it does not need a chewing reflex, it is consumed quickly and easily. In this case, satiety hormones are not released sufficiently and the feeling of satiety is felt later. This can make your work harder in portion control.

To break down fruits and vegetables too much mechanically causes carbohydrates to transform into the free sugar. In this case, your blood sugar can rise rapidly, which causes you to get hungry again soon.

What Should be Considered When Drinking Smoothie?

Smoothies are one of the most talked topics of recent times. Do you know how to make a good smoothie? Let’s fill the word “good“; to make the smoothie good for you and be suitable for you:

  • Must meet some of your needs during the day
  • Keeping satiated
  • Must be nutritious
  • Must contain nutrients balanced
  • Should not have calories

You can consume Smoothie as a main meal or snack at any time of the day to support your daily diet. It is important to decide whether to consume it as a main course before you prepare it. If you are preparing for the snack, it is enough to have an average of 150 calories. For the main meal, calculations can be made according to your daily energy needs. If you want to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight, I recommend that you seek support from a nutritionist for alternatives to your metabolism.

To prepare the smoothie, you need to have three basic materials:

  1. Fruits and/or vegetables
  2. Thickeners such as yogurt, oatmeal, cereals, and nuts
  3. Liquids like milk, water, and mineral water.

For more protein; you can enrich your smoothie with milk, kefir, yogurt, quinoa seed, chia seed.

smoothie with protein
protein smoothie

There is energy booster smoothie that we published before.

Energy Booster Smoothie Recipe

Course smoothie
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 person
Calories 426 kcal


  • 1/2 cup soy milk
  • 1/4 cup cherry
  • 1 qty banana
  • 1/8 cup blueberries
  • 1 tbsp protein powder
  • 2 tbsp almond


  1. In the blender, mix soy milk, cherries, banana, blueberries, protein powder, and almonds. Blend until the mix becomes smooth for 1 minute.
  2. To avoid the higher level of roughness, add them respectively.

For more Omega-3; If you want a smoothie from omega-3, you can add 1 teaspoon of flaxseed, chia or walnut. Adding krill or fish oil is also a good choice.

omega 3 smoothie recipe
omega 3 smoothie recipe

Omega-3 Smoothie

A smoothie with high content of omega-3 fatty acids.
Keyword omega-3 smoothie, smoothie for weight loss
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 person
Calories 204 kcal


  • 8 fl oz soy milk
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 medium banana
  • cup cooked oats cooled
  • 1 tbsp Omega-3 Peanut Butter
  • 1 tbsp chopped walnuts
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed


  1. Put them into blender and mix them 5 minutes.

For healthier fats; A smoothie with healthy fats such as coconut oil, flaxseed, avocado oil and oilseeds such as almonds, walnuts will help you get healthy fats in the day. These oils not only contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system but are also beneficial for skin health.

smoothie with healthy fats
smoothie with healthy fats

Healthy Fatty Smoothie

With this delightful smoothie, you can gain some healthy fats for your body.Fatty acids are needed for energy and healthy life.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 person
Calories 320 kcal


  • 1 cup full-fat coconut milk
  • ½ frozen avocado
  • 1 tablespoon nut butter of choice
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 2 teaspoons cacao powder
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil


  1. Put all ingredients into blender respectively.
  2. Start grinding for 5 minutes.

For longer satiety; foods with high fiber content and water content will keep you feeling full by staying longer in your digestive system. Fruits such as dried apricots, grapes, quince, dates, dried figs, crusted apples; vegetables such as artichokes, peas, parsley, leeks; Grains like oatmeal will help you keep you satiated for a long time. Enriching a carbohydrate-containing smoothie with protein and fat will also help to increase your satiety time.

smoothie For longer satiety
smoothie For longer satiety

You can check the 15 Fulfilling Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss for more smoothie recipes for longer satiation. If you need more, please comment below.


For more probiotics; fermented foods such as natural yogurt or kefir to be added to your smoothie will be a great option to take advantage of probiotics.

probiotic smoothie
probiotic smoothie

Probiotics are important for our digestion and immunity system. Gut health is the key to a healthier life. For probiotics supplements, you should try that delicious detox probiotic smoothie.

Healthy Liver Cleanse Detox Smoothie For Weight Loss

Which Blender Should I Prefer for Smoothie?

For the smoothie, which is the trend of recent times, brands have started to launch many models of their own. First of all, we have to ask ourselves the following questions:

How many servings of smoothie do I make a day?

Extensive consumption of smoothie, of course, can have devilish effects on your body. Therefore, you should check the daily needs of your body in terms of vitamins, minerals, calories, etc.

Does the blender make a noise when I make a smoothie?

It depends on the blender you choose. However, most blenders make sound while blending.

Does my smoothie include ice?

Ice depends on your needs. Most smoothie lovers prefer crushed ices.

Is the blender chamber glass or plastic?

Glass is preferred since it durable.

How much budget do I have for the smoothie blender?

A person in any budget can have a smoothie. There are veggies and fruits in a large range of prices.

I’m gonna get it once, so should it be the best or fairly well?

It should be the best!

which blender
which blender

After answering these questions we want to explain our choice to give you an idea without giving a brand name to not affect you. (If you wish, you can ask us what brand we use with the contact form 🙂 First of all, we preferred the one having high engine power, the high number of knives and the ice-bearing capacity and sharp. Of course, the blender with the glass bowl and extra hopper was our choice.

Don’t Turn Your Benefit into Loss!!

Even if the smoothie is basically a healthy drink, no nutrients can help us meet our daily needs completely. Drinks such as smoothies can be used to support daily nutrition, but it is not right to be fed by them all day. Fluid feeding all day can cause harmful health consequences.

Moreover, it may cause more harm than good when not properly prepared;

Very Large Servings; A green smoothie you’ve prepared can look great. So, did you notice how much green you put in? There may be more than 2 or 3 times of you can eat hidden in that glass. If you want to stay away from too much calorie intake and want to see that your drink is really good for you, take care to stay true to the ideal portion.

Extra Calories; Usually, when we hear that a product is light or healthy, we never think that it contains calories. But the situation is not what we think. Although an average meal contains 150 calories, the drinks you prepare may contain as much as 2 times or more calories. Avocado, dates, nuts and similar nuts, peanut butter, yogurt, fruit milk, freshly squeezed fruit juices, oats, fruits, and many other foods contain calories. Move away from the idea of using this useful material in plenty of pouches. If you want to stop taking extra calories, prepare your drink considering the nutrients you should take daily. So by cutting off the extra calories you take, you can consume your drink instead of snacks. Remember, even if it is healthy, everything you take extra will be stored in your body as fat.

High Carbohydrate, Low Fiber; Although the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in the fruits have a positive effect on our health, the excess carbohydrates are not always good. High carbohydrate consumption alone can leave you tired and sluggish after a few hours. It should not be recommended for individuals with prediabetes or diabetes. In addition, in the smoothies prepared using the juicer, the low fiber content will be reduced as a large part of the pulp is discarded.

Why Smoothie is a subsidiary drink of diets?

Smoothies allow you to obtain fiber that has great importance in the dietary content; containing healthy foods such as red fruits, oats, avocados, greens, kiwis, pears, chia seeds. This brings along the feeling of satiety. Smoothie regulates digestion. It is imperative that you get the protein so that you can do sports and spend energy. Skim milk, almond milk, soy milk, peanuts, walnuts are a healthy source of proteins in smoothie content you will often see. With the fruits by taking into consideration the calories, your blood sugar increases with balance, your sweet will be suppressed and you will stay feeling full. It’s just one of the golden rules of starting the day more energetic. It is a healthy snack or starter drink. We don’t believe it if you know all these benefits and will not prepare a homemade smoothie. Let’s obtain a blender, fresh vegetables and fruits and consider the tips in the recipes.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight with Smoothie?

Of course, the word “losing weight” sounds good. But it is unfortunately not possible to lose weight by just drinking a smoothie. In addition, only feeding by liquids can cause disruptive health effects. First of all, you have to ask yourself:  Can I lose weight with five portions of fruit in one sitting?  If your answer is no, the smoothie made with 5 portions of fruit will not help you. But if you can calculate the nutritional values of the smoothie ingredients and the total caloric value of the smoothie, you can be sure that it will help us in the way of losing weight.

Smoothies can be a healthy meal or snack, but the whole event is based on portion control. A banana, a small bowl of forest fruit, an ordinary recipe containing 240 ml of yogurt, some milk or fruit juice will unquestionably increase your calorie and sugar intake.  But instead, the smoothie can be fuel your weight loss program with a healthy and satisfying two tablespoons of peanut butter or a quarter of the avocado, with 240 ml of yogurt or skimmed milk, a portion of fruit that keeps you healthy, feeling full and high protein value.

smoothie for weight loss
smoothie for weight loss


When is the Best Time for Smoothie?

In fact, the answer to this question is very simple. With the right portions, anytime when you want to drink! Smoothies can contain a wide range of foods, from light and fruity blends to dark green leafy vegetables. Therefore, the main question is not which time is the right time, but at what times of the day, which foods are more accurate.

Good start to the day 

Welcome to the most beautiful time for a green smoothie! It is in your hands to create a balanced smoothie in terms of macro and micronutrients. 1 handful of spinach, half green apple, half a lemon juice, 2 walnuts, half a teaspoon of ginger powder to prepare the green smoothie will keep you for a long time. It will also help you to start your day energetic.

You can reach 10 best healthy morning smoothies from here.

10 Healthy Quick and Easy Smoothies for Breakfast


Main Course 

Those who do not have breakfast tend to choose unhealthy food at noon and can eat more during the day. Some of the people who do not have breakfast feel more advantageous thinking to have fewer calories. However, in other courses, this gap is closed exceedingly. The biggest advantage of smoothie is for those don’t have time to have breakfast or those without appetite in the morning, it can be replaced for breakfast.

The smoothie you drink in the first hours of the day can help keep your energy during the day with its balanced structure. Adding protein and healthy fats as well as carbohydrates provides a more even and longer-term distribution of your energy. At this time of the day, you can prefer a fruity smoothie, enriched with oatmeal and oilseeds. It might also be a good idea to add a red fruit that will strengthen your brain to start your day. It will be a good alternative for those who don’t have time for lunch or dinner and are looking for different tastes.

For a Snack

Suppressing hunger between lunch and dinner is always a wise move. Here, fewer calorie smoothies with an appropriate portion are ideal. Smoothies in creamy consistency with peanuts or seeds (such as quinoa, chia) are good choices in terms of both tissue and saturation, and serotonin is very helpful for increasing your hormones.

Before or After Exercise 

If your exercise time is approaching and you don’t have time to cook, you can easily prepare it at such times, and it will be easier and faster to digest during exercise because you will not just take a light and energetic meal but also consume liquid.

In order to keep our energy in exercise for a long time, you will have a great exercise with a smoothie that is rich in carbohydrates and will be prepared with low fiber foods to make digestion easier during exercise. Of course, not just before the sport, after sports to get high-quality carbohydrates and protein smoothies can be beneficial. No matter which course you choose for a pleasant smoothie, a smoothie prepared by fresh and nutrients will be a good choice for you!

Is Every Smoothie a Detox Drink?

Not every smoothie is a detox drink, but you can create a detox smoothie with every fruit and vegetable rich in antioxidants. For this, you should know which fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants.

Astonishing Green Detox Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss

You can add color to your detox diet with a balanced smoothie made of carbohydrates, proteins, and oils prepared with healthy fats such as red fruits, fresh fruits, dried fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, oilseeds and chia oil, almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil. Generally, weight loss and detox are mixed with each other. First of all, let us explain: The purpose of detox is not to lose weight. The ultimate goal is to purify, and this purification is not only physical but also spiritual and mental cleansing. Do not forget! It is not enough to purify your diet. You need to stay away from negative emotions, negative thoughts, anxiety, anger, and hatred as much as possible.

What Do You Want to Change for Your Health?

Obesity has increased by 33% over the last 10 years (an external link here). With the increase in the number of individuals who are aware of healthy nutrition and who are open to innovation and awareness, world trends have been followed to prevent diseases, diet and lose weight. We also want to inform you about the smoothie which is one of these trends and which has the advantage of easy and practical preparation as well as being a great food source when the rules are followed.

It’s time to refresh our body, the biggest gift we’ve ever had, forget the calories you’ve taken and turned a new page in your life. If you want to be healthy, fit and thin, you should not just count calories. what is in the content of the food you consume is more important!

Smoothie Recipes for After Exercise

Nutrition and exercise are very important for a healthy life. Especially if you add a sport to your life and adjust your diet accordingly, you have opened the door to a healthy life. So if you knew you could help your diet with a sweet transition after the exercise, what would you do? Here smoothie recipes filled with energy that you can drink after the exercise.

What should be the post-training diet?

The biggest mistake to be made after training is to postpone your diet. Because energy accumulates in your muscles, this energy is quickly cleaned 1 hour after the training. Therefore, you need to make nutritional supplements within 30-45 minutes after sports. With this supplement you get with nutritional values, you can increase your body’s muscle strength producing capacity. One of the nutrients you will receive after training is a banana. Banana is a fiber food and it is quite easy to digest. It also provides potassium to your body. Except this Kiwi can also be consumed after training. Kiwi is an antioxidant food with vitamin C.

Things to be Considered When Preparing Smoothie

The smoothie should include antioxidants that help with tissue repair. Vitamin C and vitamin E are the right options at this point. You should also get potassium support to keep the electrolytes in balance. In addition, there is a need for amino acids in the protein powders for the protein production process. At this point, the use of protein powder is your own choice. If protein powder is not used, different food groups that meet the amino acid requirement should be added to the recipes. For this reason, you can try the recipes with protein powder or you can try the recipes that meet the protein support from different foods

Smoothie recipes with protein powder inside

You can prepare a protein smoothies with the following smoothie recipes. Also, if you are in love with protein smoothies you can check the link below. These 4 protein smoothies are essential for the fitness addicts.

4 Essential Protein Smoothies for Fitness Addicts

The first smoothie recipe is the mulberry smoothie. You can enrich the taste of that smoothie with flavored protein powder.

Smoothie with mulberry

one of the tasty smoothies with protein powders


  • 300 ml water iced green tea or milk to be preferred (almond, oily, oil-free)2
  • spoons of vanilla or strawberry
  • flavored protein powder
  • 2 handful mulberries can be fresh or frozen
  • 5 walnuts
  • 100 grams of plain yogurt vegan can be alternative


  1. Combine all ingredients and stir for 1 min. 

Recipe Notes

Enjoy your meal. Don't forget to add ice if you have used fresh fruit in the recipe. If you want carbohydrate support you can add raw oats.

The other smoothie with protein powder is the coffee and nuts smoothie. This smoothie will supply the required energy for heavy lifting or cardio exercises in the gym. Also, this smoothie fasten your metabolism. In other words, you can burn your fat more and more by drinking the smoothie with coffee and nuts.

Smoothie with coffee and nuts


  • Smoothie with coffee and nuts
  • 250 ml milk can be cow or almond milk
  • 100 ml chilled espresso
  • 2 spoon chocolate flavored protein powder
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter


  1. Combine all ingredients and stir for 1 min. 

Recipe Notes

Enjoy your meal.If you want to add extra flavor, you can put ground peanuts and grated chocolate. 


If you have digestion problems, you can consider drinking the pumpkin and vanilla smoothie. Pumpkin has rich content of fiber. Gut flora will be rich after drinking this smoothie with pumpkin and vanilla.

Smoothie with pumpkin and vanilla


  • 300 ml water coconut water or milk of your choice (almond, oily, oil-free, etc.)
  • 2 spoon vanilla flavored protein powder
  • 1 handful of crushed pumpkins
  • 5 walnuts
  • 1 handful of oatmeal


  1. Combine all ingredients and stir for 1 min.

Another smoothie with protein powder is the strawberry and banana smoothies. It has rich content of potassium and minerals. It has beneficial fats for your body. You can gain the energy you needed before and even after the exercise.

Smoothie with strawberry and banana


  • 300 ml water coconut juice or your preferred milk (almond, oily, oil-free)
  • 2 spoon strawberry flavored protein powder
  • 1 banana
  • 1 handful of strawberries
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 5 walnuts


  1. Combine all ingredients and stir for 1 min

Recipe Notes

Enjoy your meal. If you have used fresh fruit you can add ice. If you want carbohydrate support, you can add yogurt or if you want protein support you can add raw oats.

Smoothie recipes without protein powder

Banana smoothie


  • 200 ml low-fat milk
  • ½ pieces of bananas
  • 3 pieces of palm
  • 2 pieces of the whole walnut
  • 10 grams of oat bran


  1. Remove the kernels of the dates and cut as cubes. Then break the walnuts into small pieces and combine all the ingredients. Pass through the blender until the ingredients are concentrated.

Recipe Notes

Enjoy your meal.


Kiwi smoothie


  • 200 ml freshly squeezed green apple juice
  • 1 piece of medium kiwi
  • 100 grams of spinach leaves
  • ½ bunch of parsley
  • 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice


  1. Prepare apple juice by squeezing green apples in a juicer. Then combine all the ingredients and pull in the blender to a smooth consistency.

Recipe Notes

Enjoy your meal.


Mango and Orange Smoothie


  • 200 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
  • ½ pieces of medium size mango
  • 30 grams of vanilla ice cream
  • 3 cloves
  • 5 pcs mint leaves


  1. combine the ingredients and pull on the blender until a smooth consistency is obtained.

If there is anything missing about smoothies, please search it via the search bar or comment below. You can follow our facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

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