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Watermelon Smoothie for Weight Loss

No doubt about the low calorie, high energy. Most lovable smoothie recipe.

being fit smoothie recipes
smoothie recipes for weight loss

Watermelon smoothie has the high density of fibers and therefore it eases the bowels movement. In other words, it eases the excretion and digestion systems work. Also, since it has lots of fibers, watermelon smoothie has low calorie and after an exercise ( bodywork, plates, aerobic, etc.) it will decrease the muscle pains. Especially in summer, it is favorable fruit to consume since it keeps body cold. It is most know diuretic and antioxidant fruit and watermelon smoothie absolutely are for weight loss and bodybuilding.

If you eat watermelon on an empty stomach, metabolism speed will increase a lot and you will burn lots of calories. Watermelon is an absolute smoothie ingredient. If you want to make the smoothie for weight loss, being fit, you should absolutely make watermelon smoothie.

how many people can drink smoothie

How many people can drink smoothie

1 person

how many minutes require to make a smoothie

How many minutes require to make a smoothie

5 minutes

Ingredients of smoothie

Ingredients of smoothie

• 3 slices of watermelon
• 2 water glass low fat milk
• 1 table spoon dried grape
• 3 table spoon oatmeal
• 5 quantities of your favorite biscuit ( Oreo – I prefer )

How to make the smoothie? How to make the smoothie

1. Take out the seed of the watermelon. Slice them into little pieces.
2. Take all the ingredients in the blender and blend them until the mix become smooth.
3. It is ready to consume. Bone appetite.

You can add some peanuts on watermelon smoothie for weight loss. Smoothie should be consumed cold and please put it into the refrigerator. Also, you can put some ice while mixing in the blender but I prefer it to be waited in the refrigerator. Your choice, your taste.

extra information about smoothie Extra information about smoothie (calorie calculation, nutrition values, etc…)

Only 200 calorie and supply the daily need of viber you need.

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