What are the disadvantages of Smoothie?

Disadvantages of drinking smoothie, harms of smoothie

harms of smoothie
harms of smoothie

Although smoothies are healthy beverages, the ingredients inside of it may harm your body if you do not know the proportion for a proper smoothie. It is known that, if you get your ingredients from every nutrition group like protein, carbohydrate, oil, minerals,etc.For doing it properly, you can take daily need. Liquid nutrition for all day long may cause stomach inactivity.

If we need to explain more detailly, harmful side of smoothies:

  • Smoothies are very gorgeous and glamorous beverage that makes people drink lovely. If you put very sugared things(over fructose) that means you gain so many calories.


  • If you are in a diet program for weight loss, normally you should take 200 calories for the snack. If you exceed the amount of the calorie, you can gain weight even if you don’t want.
    Although, smoothie has very antioxidant materials in it since it has a great variety of fruit and vegetables that make your body healthy and positive attitude toward your health, the effects of fructose may upset you.


  • Consuming of carbohydrates will make you tired and exhausted.
    While making a smoothie, use fruits as they are. Try to get fresh fruits and vegetables and try not the grind them. If you grind them, their fiber content will be poor and make less benefit.
    Also, if you just put green vegetables to your smoothie, your smoothie will definitely healthy but does not contain any energy. Please be careful about, the fiber in the smoothie should be greater than 10grams. If there is a deficiency in fiber, digestion for your body could get into trouble.

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